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PolyDome High Door Calf Nursery PD-1009W
PolyDome High Door NurseryPD-1009W
General Info

High Door Poly Dome Calf Nursery


Poly Dome is 86”(d) x 60”(h) and is constructed of the strongest polyethylene designed to withstand impact even at –20ºF!


Poly Dome features a center roof vent to provide the best possible ventilation for your calves. According to an article from Vermont Technical College, “this rotatable air vent distinguishes Poly Dome from other huts”. By turning the vent to match the weather conditions, you can reduce respiratory risks. And Poly Dome comes standard with buckets and bottle holder so you don’t need an outside fence during cold rainy or snow seasons.


The High Door Poly Dome has all the features and specifications of the standard Poly Dome Calf Nursery except that it has a taller door opening allowing for larger calves and other animals. A center rod above the feeder keeps the calf inside when needed.


The High Door Poly Dome calf nursery also features sturdy molded- in bracket holders for easy fence installation (fence not included). Removing the bucket feeder and center rod allows the calf to roam in the pen during the day.

  • Made from high-impact UV stabilized polyethylene
  • 86” Diameter x 60” high
  • Weighs approximately 100 pounds
  • Stackable
  • Built-in fence bracket
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy access bottle holder
  • Bucket holder with 2 5-quart buckets
  • 2 Rods–One rod to hold bucket holder in place, one to hold calf inside
  • Center adjustable flow vent
  • Available in Natural and White Opaque
PolyDome High Door Nursery PD-1009W
Old Inefficient Way
Old Inefficient
  • Body heat loss
  • Ammonia Smell
  • Rock Base
  • Wind Penetrates 1/2 way thru
  • Cold weather feed 30% more to compensate for body heat loss!
New Inefficient Way
New Efficient
  • Dry bed pack
  • NO Ammonia Smell
  • Keeps calves dry and clean
  • Healthy calves
  • Sun sterilization
  • Slows heat radiation at night
  • Faster weight gain
  • Healthier lungs
  • Best growth and survival
  • 3-year pro-rated guarantee
PD-2007 Standard Round Feeder PD-2007
Standard Round Feeder
PD-2014 5-Quart Buckets in a choice of colors PD-2014
5-Quart Buckets in a choice of colors

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