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PolyDome 50, 80, & 120-Gallon Milk Masters

The high-capacity, PolyDome Milk Master mixing tanks are made from impact-resistant polyethylene. The stands for the 50, 80, and 120-gallon are made from steel, with a powder coated finish for durability and corrosion resistance.


The 50, 80, and 120-gallon models come with a separate 3/4 HP stainless steel discharge pump to drain the milk from the tank and fill bottles.


They feature a handy Econo Gun filler handle on the end of the heavyduty plastic hose to control the dispensing of milk.


The 50, 80, and 120-gallon models come standard with a 1/2 HP farm duty, totally enclosed and fan cooled motor for long life. Efficient, twin 3-blade plastic propellers mix milk replacement quickly.


This unit must be plugged into a properly grounded electrical outlet. Always practice safety when handling any electrical items in wet areas!


  • High-Impact Polyethylene
  • Easy to Clean
  • Heavy-Duty Drain Hose With Econo Gun for Easy Dispensing
  • Large Filler Opening
  • Twin 3-Blade, Plastic Mixing Propellers
  • Ground Fault Protected Cord
  • Conical Bottom for Complete Draining
  • Calibrated Volume Indicators for U.S. Gallons
  • 1/2 HP Farm Duty, Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled Motor
  • Separate 3/4 HP Stainless Steel Pump for Discharge
  • Sturdy Steel Support Stand with Corrosive-Resistant, Baked-On Polyester Powder Coated Finish

PolyDome - Milk Mixer

PolyDome Milk Master
Econo Gun filler handle
Econo Gun filler handle
Discharging pump
Stainless steel discharging pump
Ground fault protected cord
Ground fault protected cord

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