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PolyDome 15 & 32-Gallon Milk Masters

The PolyDome Milk Master mixing tanks are made from high-impact resistant polyethylene. The stands for the 15 and 32- gallon models are also molded from polyethylene.


These mixers are designed to make mixing fast and easy. The calibrated tank allows precise measuring of water. Efficient, 3-blade plastic propeller mixes milk replacement quickly.


Both units come with a 1/6 HP totally enclosed fan-cooled motor.


Easy-to-clean surface saves you valuable chore time.


All PolyDome Milk Master mixers come with a GFIC in the power cord for safety.

  • High-Impact Polyethylene
  • Easy to Clean
  • Heavy-Duty Drain Hose for Easy Dispensing
  • Large Filler Opening
  • 3-Blade, Plastic Mixing Propeller on 15 and 32-Gallon Models
  • Polyethylene Stand
  • Ground Fault Protected Cord
  • Conical Bottom for Complete Draining
  • Calibrated Volume Indicators for U.S. Gallons
  • 1/6 HP Totally Enclosed Motor

PolyDome - Milk Mixer

Single 3-blade propeller


  1. Determine dry powder mix and water amounts by the manufacturer’s instructions. For best mixing, we recommend using hot water.
  2. Pour water into the holding tank, turn the mixer motor on and let the water start to agitate.
  3. Slowly add the powder and run the Milk Master for 2-4 minutes or until mixing is complete.
  4. Clean the Milk Master with standard milking parlor cleaner.
  5. Follow instructions on the motor for maintenance.
15 and 32-gallon models have a single 3-blade propeller. Twin 3-blade propeller on 50, 80, and 120-gallon models.
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