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PolyDome Lick Tanks
PolyDome - Lick Tanks
General Info

PolyDome Lick Tanks are built tough to give years of dependable service. Our Lick Tanks are constructed of heavy duty polyethylene to resist dents and punctures and won’t rust or corrode. The covers are designed to shed water and protect liquid feed. They are constructed with enough weight so cattle won’t move the tank; can withstand rough use; and yet light enough for easy handling. Our tanks are translucent for ease in observing the fluid levels.


PolyDome Lick Tanks feature a heavy-duty polypropylene wheel with a one-piece bracket for durability. All bolts, nuts and washers are included for easy installation.


Our large Lick Tanks come with a spin filler cap that is bolted on and seals against weather. Cattle cannot lick it off. To close the cap, spin 1/4 turn. The 50 gallon size has a 2” filler cap.


The PolyDome 50 and 125 gallon tanks feature a Side Wheel design that is weather-protected with rain rails along the sides and raised wheel openings. Our 50 gallon size is available in your choice of a one or two wheel set up.


The PolyDome 285 gallon Lick Tank is available in a Center or Side Wheel configuration. This Lick Tank easily converts from 2 to four holes. The 285 gallon unit has a domed bottom for better emptying between fills. A mineral feeder attachment is available.

  • Made from high-impact, UV stabilized translucent polyethylene
  • Polypropylene wheels with 1-piece brackets
  • Calibrated for U.S. and Imperial Gallons
  • Easy cleaning
  • Bolted-On rotating center filler cap (125 and 285 Gallon tanks)
  • Built in 'water-dam' drains water around wheel holes
  • Permanent molded-in graphics available for logos
  • Your company colors, and also available in two-tone
PolyDome - Lick Tanks
Other PolyDome Link Tank Features
Optional Lick Limiter
Optional Lick Limiter LTLL
Molded-In Gallon Indicator
Molded-In gallon indicator.
(Model 125 and Model 285 only)
polyethylene wheel and bracket
Polyethylene wheel and bracket prevent excessive wear


  Model 16 Model 50 Model 125 Model 285
Gallon Capacity 16 50 125 285
Outside Dimensions 16 x 16" 26 x 37" 50" Dia. 68" Dia.
Depth of Tank 16" 22" 23" 24"
Feeder Wheels 1 1 or 2 2 2 or 4
Wheel Locations Center Side Side Side or Center
Wheel Diameter 16" 22" 22" 22"


PolyDome Lick Tanks
Grand Champion Holstein Bull owned by John Mohr, Glencoe, MN was raised in a PolyDome Calf Nursery


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