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PolyDome Mini Dome Calf Nursery PD-1011
PolyDome Mini Dome Calf Nursery PD-1011
General Info

Poly Dome Means Healthier Calves


Mini Dome–Originally introduced to meet the growing need for a smaller shelter, Mini Dome works best for Guernsey and Jersey Calves.


Mini Dome’s round shape makes it more wind-resistant and lets more sunlight in than square huts. In winter, turn Mini Dome toward the sun. For summer shade, face the unit away from the sun.


If you prefer, Mini Dome can also be used as a total confinement dome. A real advantage in northern climates, total confinement keeps calves warmer, dryer and out of the wind. With Mini Dome, up to 10 weeks of winter confinement is ideal for Guernsey and Jersey calves. (For Holsteins we recommend the original Poly Dome. The larger Poly Dome will allow your Holstein calves a larger exercise area and maximum growth rate.).


Mini Dome is 72”(d) x 60”(h). You can customize your Mini Dome with a hay feeder.


Choose Mini Dome Deluxe for use with your smaller animals.


Here’s Something To Consider – If you have a calf hut with a low door, whether it is a half door or a full door, there is an air movement across the floor. This air movement takes the body heat away from animals. This happens every day the temperature is below 65 degrees. So 24-hours-a-day, in cold weather, your calf is burning up 30% of what you feed it just to keep its body heat up. The Mini Dome would work this same way with the front open. This is the reason that we do not recommend using this unit open in cold weather.

  • Made from high-impact UV stabilized polyethylene
  • 72” Diameter x 60” high
  • Weighs approximately 80 pounds
  • Stackable
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy access bottle holder
  • Bucket holder with 2 5-quart buckets
  • 2 Rods - One rod to hold bucket holder in place, one to hold calf instead
  • Center flow adjustable vent
PolyDome Mini Dome Calf Nursery PD-1011 can be used for raising goats
PolyDome Mini Dome Calf Nursery PD-1011 can be used for raising goats!
PolyDome Mini Dome Calf Nursery PD-1011
PD-2009 Standard Round Feeder PD-2009
Standard Round Feeder


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