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PolyDome Pig Nursery
Standard Features:
  • Made from heavy-duty, UV stabilized polyethylene
  • Easy set up
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easily sterilized with high pressure washer
  • Automatic water can be installed in any location
  • Assembles in 15 minute
  • FILTER-EEZE® support floor with 7/16” wide slot openings
  • Tapered bottom for easy drainage
PolyDome Pig Nursery

Providing a healthier home for your animals.

The PolyDome Litter Saver Pig Nursery is a safe haven and helpful tool in preventing flu and pneumonia in your litter. It is designed to hold eight to ten pigs from birth to 40 lbs. The Litter Saver is easy to install, easy to maintain and a perfect place to house your pigs until they are ready for living outdoors.

The Litter Saver 4-station feeder installs through the side wall with a steel bracket that allows feeder to be easily removed for shuttling of pigs in and out of the nursery. The feeder can be removed in just 30 seconds by lifting side pins. It has a 1.5 bushel capacity.

The unit has a 4” wide x 5’ long x 2’ deep overall floor dimension. The overall depth is 36” high x 56 “ wide x 68” long. The unit is supported by a heavy-duty, stand manufactured with 7/8” solid rod steel. Below the floor is a 30 gallon capacity drain area with a 3” slide gate for easy draining.

A 36” door width is necessary to fit the unit inside of a building.

4 Station Feeder

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