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Calf Huts

Today’s Calves Are Tomorrow’s Profits. Find out how.

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Bulk Bins

Designed to Handle High-Moisture Corn and Soybeans



Hunting Blinds

PolyDome Hunting Blinds are the completely customizable





Conical Tanks

Cone-shaped for total drainage

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Flat Bottom Tanks

Make optimum use of available space

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Semi Square Tanks

Neatly contoured for self-cleaning

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8’ Round Dome

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The PolyDome Difference.

Over 40 years of experience

Most PolyDome products are one piece with no seams or sharp edges. The light weight of polyethylene makes even large units easy to lift and move.

Calves Are

Poly Dome will help put money back into your pocket faster. Why risk burnt lungs, frozen ears and tails? Poly Dome will help eliminate ammonia build-up.


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We have used PolyDome Hutches at the Cargill Research Farm for approximately two years and have been very happy with the results. When managed properly, such as allowing for proper drainage, we have found there is a low incidence of health problems. Scouring and death loss has been minimal.
W. Michael CraigDairy Research Nutritionist, Cargill Research Farm
Calves raised in PolyDomes gained weight more rapidly than calves in wooden hutches. Also, calves in PolyDomes were observed to be more active and social than calves in wooden hutches... temperature was 15-20 degrees F warmer in Poly Domes.
Dennis G. JohnsonDairy Scientist, University of Minnesota
Before switching to PolyDomes we were raising calves in crates, causing insurmountable problems. With PolyDomes we now medicate very few calves. Our veterinarian has endorsed our program completely. The performance is well beyond our expectations.
Mary MeyerGregerson Dairy



With 235 PolyDomes on the ground, this satisfied user writes: “Before switching to PolyDomes, we were raising calves in crates, causing insurmountable problems.

With PolyDomes we now medicate very few calves. Our veterinarian has endorsed our program completely. the performance is well beyond our expectations.”

Meyer, Gregerson Dairy, Longmont, CO.

The PolyDome Convertible Indoor Calf Nursery is whole new approach to calf hutches. This calf nursery is intended to be used indoors to keep calves separated to prevent disease and promote healthy growth. It works very well in cold climates where outdoor hutches do not stay warm enough in the winter.

PolyDome introduces the newest member of our animal shelters–the One-Piece Super Hut. The unit is approximately 8’ x 9’ x 6’ tall. The unique design allows you to choose the right size door opening to accommodate the animals you are housing. It’s totally free-standing, so you can move it anywhere–no foundation is required.


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