Convertible Indoor Calf Nursery

A whole new approach to calf hutches

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Convertible Indoor Calf Nursery

The PolyDome Convertible Indoor Calf Nursery is whole new approach to calf hutches. This calf nursery is intended to be used indoors to keep calves separated to prevent disease and promote healthy growth. It works very well in cold climates where outdoor hutches do not stay warm enough in the winter.

The Convertible Indoor Nursery comes standard with a bucket holder feed station on the front. The feed station lifts out easily to allow access. A bottle holder can be added as an option.

This nursery has inverted ribs for better stability. It is made from Convertible Indoor Calf Nursery–PD-1185, shown with Optional Roof Panels UV stabilized polyethylene, so it is strong, durable, and easily cleaned.

The Convertible Indoor Calf Nursery can also be converted to outdoor use by adding the optional roof panels. This is a good option to have if you later change your plans, or have trouble raising your calves in a building with pens–they can still be used outdoors. No other indoor calf pen on the market can do this.


  • Made from high-impact UV stabilized polyethylene
  • 50″ Wide x 89″ long x 41″ tall
  • Weighs approximately 80 pounds
  • Bucket holder with two 5-quart buckets
  • Optional removable roof sections
  • Easy cleaning
  • Stackable


Two Sizes available:

Convertible Indoor Calf Nursery 4’x 6′
Convertible Indoor Calf Nursery 4′ x 7′



Poly Dome is 86”(d) x 60”(h) and is constructed of the strongest polyethylene designed to withstand impact even at –20ºF!


Poly Dome features a center roof vent to provide the best possible ventilation for your calves.


Poly Dome comes standard with buckets and bottle holder so you don’t need an outside fence during cold rainy or snow seasons.

How PolyDome Works

● Body heat loss
● Ammonia Smell
● Rock Base
● Wind Penetrates 1/2 way thru
● Cold weather feed 30% more to compensate for body heat loss!
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● Dry bed pack
● NO Ammonia Smell
● Keeps calves dry and clean
● Healthy calves
● Sun sterilization
● Slows heat radiation at night
● Faster weight gain
● Healthier lungs
● Best growth and survival
● 3-year pro-rated guarantee
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