Dog House

The same protection and benefits of our Calf Nurseries.

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PolyDome Dog House

Give your dog the same protection and benefits of our Calf Nurseries. The PolyDome dog house will keep your pet warm in the winter by holding the dog’s body heat inside. The light opaque color will keep your pet cool in the summer. The Polydome design keeps rain and snow out. A door can be installed for added protection from the elements. The two-piece design allows for easy cleaning. The small and medium size houses have a wide stance for stability. Our large size will accommodate large breeds and can also be converted to a carrier.


  • Natural or opaque material to protect against sun heat
  • Made from high-impact UV stabilized polyethylene.
  • 3 Sizes available
  • Each weighs approximately 20 pounds
  • Top removable for easy cleaning
  • Can be used with or without a hinged door
  • Entrance design keeps rain out

PD-2220A Small Round

26″ Diameter x 23″ High, will accommodate smaller breeds such as terriers, beagles, and spaniels.

PD-2220B Medium Hexagon

38″ Wide x 43″ Deep x 24″ High, will accommodate breeds such as Labrador retrievers, and huskies.

PD-2220C Large Rectangular

27″ Wide x 38″ Deep x 28″ High, will accommodate large breeds.

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