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PolyDome Hunting Blinds

  • PolyDome Hunting Blinds are the completely customizable, do-it-yourself blinds. Each blind is shipped as a one-piece, or two-piece shell. What you do with it after that is pretty much up to you.
  • We provide you with finishing options, instead of forcing our design on you. You save money, by doing the assembly work yourself. And, it is easy work to do.
  • The Hunting Blinds are made from high-impact, UV stabilized polyethylene that can be easily cut with hand tools.
  • The color is a flat olive green. They can be used as a ground blind or set on a raised platform.
  • The following page shows the choice of accessories available to complete your blind. All hardware is included with accessories.

Bolt-Together Blind

One-Piece Blind on Floor

Square Blind

Door with Square Window

Oval Window frame

Door Frame with Door

Okay, let’s start with a door. You could just cut a hole to get in or out, but that doesn’t provide any protection from the elements, or any security for those items you wish to leave inside. Our Door Frame attaches to the shell and allows you to add a solid one-piece door, or add a window to the door. Next, you will want some windows to see your quarry approaching. Oval Window Frames with 3 window choices are available. Weather Guard HB1502 is available to seal up the doors and windows. For warmer conditions, you may want to add the optional Roof Vent, which allows air movement without having windows open. If you choose to use this blind in a swampy area, consider adding the one piece Floor. Sounds easy? It is!

Roof Vent

Oval Window frame

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