Chute Liner


  • Made from high-impact, UV stabilized polyethylene.
  • Easy to clean–keeps chute clean
  • Slippery surface reduces bridging, and plugging
  • Translucent material allows light in chute
  • Available in 6’ lengths
  • Fast, easy installation
  • All mounting hardware included
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Our new PolyDome Chute liner is molded especially for relining silo chutes. Unlike our competition, the PolyDome Chute Liner is made of heavy gauge polyethylene. Its slippery surface helps keep your silo chute clean. The translucent Chute Liner can be used to add light in the silo chute by cutting a 12” x 12” hole in the outside chute every 6 feet.

The Chute Liner is 52” wide and 6’1” long to give 6’ of coverage. It’s easy to install. Simply strike a line in the center of the chute from top to bottom. Mark the center of the Chute Liner at top and bottom; position on line; and screw in place. Screw directly through Chute Liner into chute using standard sheet metal screws.

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