Clean Chute 17″ X 21″ X 9″ opening

  • Works with any blower or conveyor system
  • 9” Funnel with clamp-on collar holds 9” plastic tubing
  • Made from high-impact, UV stabilized polyethylene.
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy cleaning
  • Slippery surface reduces bridging, and plugging
  • Slips in behind silo chute door frame to allow easy removal for access
  • Fast, easy installation and set-up


The PolyDome Clean Chute was designed as a low-cost way to keep your silo chute clean when used with an inexpensive poly tubing all the way down to the bottom of the chute. The Clean Chute slips in to the chute doorway. You simply cut off the excess tubing as you move the Clean Chute down. The PolyDome Clean Chute is 24” wide x 28” tall. The unit will fit in a door opening as small as 17” x 21” x 9” deep. It removes easily for access. The Clean Chute has a new snap clip design to securely hold the tubing. (Poly tubing sold separately. Order to length, 19” and 21” lay flat sizes available.)


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