New One Piece Super Hut

  • One-Piece molded shell
  • Made from high-impact, UV stabilized polyethylene
  • 98” x 106” x 72” tall
  • Variable size front door openings
  • Rear door opening
  • Rear and top vents
  • Easy cleaning
  • Available in 2 standard colors: White Opaque or Natural

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NEW! PolyDome introduces the newest member of our animal shelters–the One-Piece Super Hut. The unit is approximately 8’ x 9’ x 6’ tall. The unique design allows you to choose the right size door opening to accommodate the animals you are housing. It’s totally free-standing, so you can move it anywhere–no foundation is required. A treated wood base frame is suggested for added stability.

Super Hut provides a warm, dry shelter suitable for raising animals of all sizes and breeds. Up to 6 calves can be held comfortably.

The PolyDome Super Hut is made from UV stabilized polyethylene, so it is strong, durable, and easily cleaned. It can be made from opaque material to reflect the sun’s rays, or natural material to absorb the suns’ rays to help heat and dry the unit.

A large, drop down rear door allows for feeding, adding bedding and additional air flow. Three rotating vents on the rear allow adjustable air flow. It comes with a standard rain cap. An optional rotating vent cap can be added. For more air flow an optional turbine fan adaptor, PD-2004, is available.

PolyDome has several feeder options available including a freestanding trough feeder.


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