Poly Square Calf Nursery White

  • White opaque material to knock out sun heat
  • Made from high-impact UV stabilized polyethylene
  • 5’ Wide x 6’6” long
  • Weighs approximately 100 pounds
  • Stackable
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy access bottle holder
  • Bucket holder with 2 – 5-quart buckets
  • Fence brackets
  • Center flow adjustable vent


At last, a square hutch wide enough and long enough for a calf to lay in the center, away from the cold radiation of the walls.

The Poly Square has no rivets to break, no cracks to let snow and rain sift in, and needs no steel rim around the bottom for strength (imagine how hard this is to clean). The Poly Square comes standard with the feed station on the left side, but can be ordered with the feed station on the right side or on the rear.

The Poly Square now comes with a taller front door, a larger feed door, and now a hay feeder can be added as an option.

The Poly Square has inverted ribs for better wind resistance, a wider stance (5’) for better stability. It also has the Center Roof Vent, the leading vent system on the market today.

As stated in an article by Peter Leonard from Vermont Technical Institute . . . “The point that seems to differentiate these hutches from others on the market is the rotating air vent at the peak.”

The Poly Square and the Poly Big Foot come standard with fence brackets, but they can also be used with a chain and collar. Note, that the standard features of the Poly Square are extras on most other calf hutches on the market today. The Poly Square is available in Natural and Opaque White colors.


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