Raising calves is no easy chore! But dairy herdsmen everywhere have discovered the benefits of raising their calves in Poly Dome Calf Nurseries. In fact, Poly Dome is the first choice of dairy farmers throughout the United States and Canada. After comparing Poly Dome Calf Nurseries with modified wooden hutches, the University of Minnesota-Morris found that Poly Dome calves were healthier and grew faster than calves kept in wooden huts. And Poly Dome testing at several other universities is yielding similar results.

Poly Dome will help put money back into your pocket faster. Why risk burnt lungs, frozen ears and tails? Poly Dome will help eliminate ammonia build-up. Your heifers will be part of your moneymaking milking herd sooner. You’ll notice a difference when you use the original Poly Dome. Your calves will show superb growth and Lung Power® necessary to become high producers.

How PolyDome Works:

During the day, the bed pack absorbs sunlight. This stored heat keeps your calves warm at night. Unlike open huts, temperature change is controlled over a longer time to reduce stress on your calves. It’s perfect even in variable climates. Poly Dome stops snow and wind penetration–helps prevent frozen ears and tails. In fact, after years of farm testing, Poly Dome is still considered the warmest winter hut on the market.

Use your Poly Dome throughout the year with an eight-inch bedding. Open the unit and use outside pens in July and August to prevent heat problems. Keep the calves closed-in September through June.

By keeping your calves inside, they stay dryer and cleaner. No snow to shovel out, no mud tracked in. No more re-bedding after snow and rain.

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PolyDome Calf Nursery

Today’s Calves Are Tomorrow’s Profits.
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Mini Dome Calf Nursery

Introduced to meet the growing need
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PolySquare Calf Nursery

A taller door opening allowing for larger calves.

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Convertible Calf Hut

A whole new approach to calf hutches.

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Climate Hut

A whole new approach to calf hutches.

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Western Hut

A whole new approach to calf hutches.

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Expandable Hut

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One-Piece Super Hut

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