Heavy Duty Milk Masters, 15 Gal – 250 Gal Twin Portable Milk Mater w/ Spray Ball, Twin Portable Milk Mater w/ Spray Ball

Milk Masters

The PolyDome Milk Master mixing tanks are made from high-impact resistant polyethylene. The stands for the 15 and 32- gallon models are also molded from polyethylene. These mixers are designed to make mixing fast and easy. The calibrated tank allows precise measuring of water. Efficient, 3-blade plastic propeller mixes milk replacement quickly.

Portable Milk Masters & Spray Ball

The PolyDome Portable Milk Master, with an optional top-mounted spray ball fittings to make short work of mixing, is the easy way to deliver milk replacer to your calves. Trailer models are available from 70-gallons up to twin 150-gallon tanks with two engines. Truck-mounted 70- and 150-gallon models are also available for mounting on pickups or ATVs. All trailers have heavy-duty welded steel frames, that are powder-coated to resist corrosion. Large, floatation-type tires and 1″ bearing hubs roll easily through muddy or rough areas.  Axels have built-in torsion suspension to keep units level while towing. Larger models feature tandem axels for adequate weight distribution and handling. The tanks are made from high-impact resistant polyethylene that is easy to clean and sanitize. The calibrated tanks allow precise measuring of water. Tanks have large, hinged covers on the top for pouring milk replacer powder.

Milk Equipment Categories:



Heavy Duty Milk Master

Various types of heavy-duty milk masters

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Milk Master

15 -250 Gallon container sizes of milk masters

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Portable Milk Mater w/Spray Ball

Portable Milk Masters with Spray Ball

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Skid Mount Portable w/ Spray Ball

Skid Mount Portable Milk Mater with Spray Ball

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Twin Portable Milk Mater w/ Spray Ball

Twin Portable Milk Mater W/ Spray Ball

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