Wheelbarrow Replacements

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PolyDome Wheelbarrow Replacements

  • PolyDome’s Wheelbarrow Replacement Bodies are the affordable answer for your damaged or rusted-out wheelbarrows. Our thick-walled, one-piece body is constructed of tough, U.V. stabilized (ultra violet sunray protection) polyethylene plastic that is lightweight and much more durable than steel or fiberglass.
  • It has excellent stress cracking and puncture resistance. The smooth, seamless body, inside and out, makes for easy sanitizing and cleaning. Popular with cement contractors, farmers, and ranchers.


  • Heavy-Duty, high-impact Polyethylene
  • Extremely tough–resists heat, cold, sunlight, and warpage
  • Non-Porous–resists moisture, silage acids, feed additives, and other chemicals
  • Smooth, seamless body for easy dumping, and cleaning
  • Fits most standard wheelbarrow frames
  • 2 Sizes Available
  • Black

Wheelbarrow Replacement Specs

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